Executive Headshots & Portraits

Do your Executive Headshots & Portraits tell your current story?

Executives don’t have a whole lot of down-time. Schedules are hectic with back to back meetings, their time, after their expertise is their biggest commodity, I know, I used to be an IT and business consultant, that’s how I ended up living in NYC in the first place, a project with S&P brought me over, from the moment I landed my phone would hardly stop for texts, phone calls and emails. I can’t say that photographing executives is a lot less demanding but it certainly puts more smiles on faces.

A new c-suite headshot doesn’t have to take much of your executive team’s time. Once backgrounds and lighting are set in your office or lobby area, the time required per subject can be less than 5 minutes! Of course we’d love more however we will work with whatever you can give us. Just think about it, 5 minutes is as much time as it takes to grab a cup of coffee so why not