Redfern Photography Studio

Create something unique in the South Bronx

Redfern Studio is the only fully equipped Photography Rental Studio in the South Bronx. A unique photo & video studio available for rent in the newest creative neighbourhood, Mott Haven. Our space is located in a renovated factory, with 12 ft ceilings it offers over 900 sq/ft of shoot space with a modern, spacious photo/video friendly bathroom.

In addition to the photoshoot space we provide in-house rental equipment, prop & set construction and lifestyle / branding services.

The space is perfect for daylight portrait, headshot, fashion and lifestyle shooting, with automated blinds, it can also be completely blacked-out for controlled strobe work. The photo studio rental includes a variety of modern and vintage props we have in-house or you’re welcome to bring your own. Located one floor up from street level, there is a fully accessible passenger elevator, as well as a freight elevator (given notice).

Roof Access with Clocktower and Manhattan backdrop1
You may also have access to an expansive roof with the iconic Clocktower set against the Manhattan skyline, it’s perfect for editorial, lifestyle and portrait shoots. The roof, which has 3 areas has rich textures & muted colours. For safety reasons, the capacity of the roof for shooting purposes is limited to a total of 10 people at any time and may not be used for socializing/partying before, during or after your shoot (sorry but we have to make this clear because it has happened).

Please note, the roof is only accessible via an elevator to the 5th floor then a single flight of stairs.

1 Access is not guaranteed and may only be granted with prior written permission from building management.

Book through my in-house booking system

Book through my on-line system. It’s cheaper than external sites.

Short-term rental insurance is always required regardless of booking method, see our Rental Policies.

You can also see our list of studio equipment here.

Book directly through peerspace

Book directly through Peerspace

Book through Peerspace. Peerspace is 15% more expensive that booking directly.

Short-term rental insurance is always required.

The studio rental includes:

  • (3) C-Stands
  • (3) Rolling Stands
  • (3) Boom arms
  • Sandbags (various weights, 5-35lbs)
  • (2) Foldable Black/White V-Flats
  • (3) Full Apple Boxes
  • (3) Small Apple Boxes
  • (1) Half Apple Box
  • (1) Rolling Clothes Rack
  • (1) 6′ Folding Ladder
  • (20+) Savage Universal coloured backgrounds
  • (8) hand painted backdrops
  • Hair/makeup station (in bathroom)
  • In-house AirPlay 2 sound system
  • 1gb wireless internet
  • 2 x 20amp circuits